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Home compostable capsules for single serve coffee machines

The Compostable Coffee Capsules initiative started in 2013, when a group of Dutch environmentally conscious entrepreneurs decided to accept the challenge to ban polluting single serve packaging. In 2017 the initiative was incorporated into a dedicated special purpose vehicle, the Dutch limited liability company: Compostable Coffee Capsules IP. The company qualifies for the innovation box, a tax incentive in The Netherlands. The emphasis of the company is to further innovations that contribute to a clean and healthy planet.



Reduce polluting packaging and contribute to a healthy and sustainable world for future generations.



We are dedicated to providing innovation to enable industry to shift from polluting coffee capsules to 100% bio-based home compostable coffee capsules; so people can enjoy single serve coffee without causing harm to the environment.


We provide 100% bio-based home compostable material.

We have a passion for the environment, coffee and technology.

We innovate to create a shift to home compostable coffee capsules.

Together with stakeholders we always find a solution.

We stand by our claims and deliver accordingly.




We focus on developing strong cooperation with capsule producers, capsule fillers, coffee brand owners as well as offline and online retailers of single serve coffee. We aim to stimulate consumer awareness that single serve coffee can be enjoyed without plastics or aluminum polluting the environment. We offer 100% bio-based home compostable material suitable for present production lines of coffee capsules.

Our structural and environmental advantages allow us to offer our customers a competitive advantage. This competitive advantage is created through a combination of factors, including

    • the material to produce capsules is home compostable
    • the material to produce capsules suits the present production methods and machinery
    • the material has a lower processing temperature, thus saving energy
    • the material has a lower weight, thus a higher output per kilogram
    • the material is a full-fledged alternative to aluminum and (multi-layer) plastic and offers comparable quality in terms of shelf life
    • the material has no influence on the quality of the coffee

Driven by a strong underlying consumer wish in favor of non-polluting material, our 100% bio-based home compostable material for capsules we are confident that our strategy will cause a shift from the production and use of polluting capsules to home compostable capsules. We foresee a controlled annual growth and above average returns.


We always thrive to produce new ideas

Build strong cooperation with major producers of coffee capsules

Our strategy is focused on key producers, processors, brand owners and retailers of single serve coffee capsules that represent Europe’s, America’s, Australasia’s top markets by capsule volume. We have developed a unique environmental solution to bring an end to the pollution caused by single serve capsules. 

Driven by strong underlying demand for non-polluting single serve coffee capsules and the structural advantage of our material we will continue to invest in order to realize maximum impact and returns.

We focus our strategy to ensure a greater focus on

- the development of innovative technology -

- enhancement of the home compostable material -

- creating public awareness that pollution is not necessary, that environmental friendly capsules are available at a comparable quality and price -

We have a clear strategy to target specific market opportunities.

Involve stakeholders

Our material to reduce pollution caused by single serve coffee capsules is now available. We aim to create awareness that a single serve coffee can be enjoyed without creating plastic of aluminum waste. Our new material has the characteristics of plastics,  without the negative impact of plastic on the environment.

Our commitment

We want to run the business as a purpose driven organization that serves society and is based on a set of principles that helps us to achieve our purpose: to introduce environmentally friendly single serve coffee capsules whilst achieving a sustainable profit.

We defined our purpose as

    • We are here to allow people to enjoy coffee without polluting the environment.
    • We do this by providing material for single serve coffee capsules that is home compostable and 100% bio-based.
    • We do this by challenging ourselves, the coffee and capsule industry to turn to environmentally friendly material.
    • We do this by challenging all parties involved in the industry to stop greenwashing, to make capsules truly environmentally friendly and to stimulate awareness among the public.
    • Our unique drive to save the planet defines us and it means we always try to do things in the right way, every day, for our people, our customers, society and the environment.