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Launching Home Compostable Coffee Capsules

Posted on 5th February 2019
Company News, Product Design, Sustainability

Compostable Coffee Capsules™ and Coda Plastics are thrilled to announce the launch of mass production home compostable coffee capsules. A…

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Are Coffee Pods Bad for the Environment?

Oh, George, what are you doing to us? It seems recent dad of twins, George Clooney, has an addiction. Yup, I’m talking about his fixation with…

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To keep more trash out of garbage dumps, Progressive Conservative MPP Norm Miller is pushing for Ontario to make coffee pods make compostable within four years.


Ontarians have a bad habit to break when it comes…

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The second largest city in Germany just became the first in the world to move against a popular coffee trend that’s doing more harm than good


There’s a statistic floating around that if you collected all the single-use coffee pods…

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Compost the Plastic Soup!

In February, an article entitled Plastic Soup – the solution appeared in this publication. Among those interviewed for that story was Nico Osse of Hemcell Plastic Solutions. He introduced us to Mr. Robert de…

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